Wire Free Khoom Fay / Sky Lantern - Red
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Wire Free Khoom Fay / Sky Lantern - Red

Wire free and biodegradable, our quality lanterns are sure to make any event memorable and enthralling as they rise gently into the sky for over ten minutes


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Sky Lanterns (also known as Khoom Fay) are one of the most magical products we have ever seen. Sure to make any event memorable and enthralling, these magnificent fire lanterns rise gently into the sky for over ten minutes, casting a beautiful fiery glow in the sky and twinkling off over the horizon at over a mile high.

A perfect silent alternative to fireworks, they use no explosives, make no noise, and last for ages!

Why not write a special message or a wish on the Sky Lantern before releasing it and realizing your dreams?

Sky Lanterns can be used for many different events, including weddings, birthdays, parties, funerals, religious celebrations, product launches, festivals and more.

Ecofriendly & Livestock Friendly
Unlike other suppliers, these lanterns are extra large (106cm tall and 58cm wide) and flame retardant. The fuel cells come ready attached to the lantern and are totally smokeless and non toxic, unlike other lanterns which use liquid fuel and wicks. They are 100% biodegradable, and are made from produced natural mulberry paper. Most importantly, they contain no potentially harmful wire and so are perfectly safe to livestock.

Sky Lanterns date back hundreds of years, when armies employed them as signalling devices and later were adopted by common folk, who used them to convey their wishes to heaven. They originated from the old Three-Kingdom epoch in China. Chu-Ke, the famous and wisest militarist invented the sky lantern as military communications for his kingdom to transfer information. Now people release it to the sky mostly for best wishes, entertainment, or celebrating in the party, holiday or festival.