Whether you just need some firework advice, or a custom firework display quote, our Firework Wizards have the answers for you. We can fully customise a display package to your requirements, for example colour themes or specific noise levels, or are happy to simply offer any setup advice you may need. Remember, safety at a display is paramount, so please do ask any questions you may have.

If you suggest your budget to us we'll put together a "connoisseurs choice" firework package for you, using all of our favourites that will complement each other well, and what's more, we'll give you at least 10% of your budget in EXTRA FREE FIREWORKS!

Chris, our head pyrotechnician, has seen, tested, fired, handled, tasted and rated just about every firework available to the UK buyer - he can put together a display just for you perfectly timed and sequenced to give you the best possible show for any budget.


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Remember, you can call us for advice on 01524 845310