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Established in 2010, Astounded Fireworks is your new one stop shop for fireworks and celebration products. Run by real people with an infectious enthusiasm for fireworks, Astounded Fireworks is different because we pride ourselves on bringing a new level of professionalism to the firework industry, with personal, expert service and advice, and most importantly – truly exciting fireworks.

Five reasons to buy from us:

1. Quality and choice

Just like you, we hate poor quality fireworks! We understand that on a special occasion, you only get one chance to impress – and so do our products. We want you to come back next year (or before)! That’s why before stocking a firework, we subject it to our own rigorous testing for performance, quality and safety. If we are not impressed, we don’t stock it! In addition to complying with the relevant British Standard, all fireworks have passed our own strict selection criteria and in our opinion offer unbeatable performance and reliability.

2. Value for money

As an all-year specialist in fireworks, we operate in a very competitive market. Luckily our buying power means we deal directly with some of the biggest importers and manufacturers in the world, and buy at the best possible prices, unlike many seasonal retailers. This is passed on to you the customer in the form of great value pricing. We are aware that the firework market is filled with ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ and ‘Half Price’ deals, and we offer these too, should you desire a bargain. However, we take great pride in our main range and are confident that even non-special offer items represent incredible value in terms of performance for the price.

3. Open all year

We are not a ‘get rich quick’ business that is here for November, and gone by December! We sell fireworks because we love them, and operate all year round. As well as offering delivery across the UK, our extensive range is also available to view and purchase at our Lancaster showroom, which is also open all year.

4. Service and expertise

We are a new company but have years of experience in the industry, having been founded by a small but dedicated group of experts with a passion for fireworks and entertainment, who previously worked for a leading retailer. Before a product makes it to our range we try samples, make notes, and even film it. We can therefore advise exactly what effects it will produce, how loud it is, whether it is suitable for your venue, and above all offer it in the confidence that it will leave you and your audience smiling!

5. Free delivery on larger orders

All orders of £250 or more are delivered free to UK mainland addresses. Below that, our shipping charge is just £15 per order. Compare that to other retailers charging £20+, regardless of order size!

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