Pick & Mix Fireworks

As well as our amazing value firework selections, we’re also famous for offering one of the biggest selections of individual fireworks in the UK, allowing you to design your very own creative firework display with precisely the effects you want.

In our Firework Pick & Mix range, you can choose from over 200 different multishot barrages, dozens of glittering gerbs and fountains, as well as a veritable arsenal of incredible rockets. In addition to these classic firework types, we also go the extra mile to source the more unusual fireworks that you don’t find elsewhere, such as British made set pieces and stunning mortar mines, plus our Black Label range of single effect fireworks.

Explore our range now to enter an enchanting and explosive world of colour, noise, and multi-sensory entertainment. Don’t forget to dim the lights, turn up your speakers, and enjoy our video footage of all our amazing fireworks.

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