A very traditional firework type, fountains are a ground based effect which emit showers of sparks from the top of the unit, forming a vertical plume of glittering stars which often cascade down to the gorund, forming a beautiful and more serene display. Fountains are always a popular firework for families with children and elderly spectators, as they tend to be quieter and than other firework types, with no bangs – although some do crackle or whistle.

Conic fountains are the most powerful type, and increase in ferocity as they burn, due to the increasing diameter of the tube as they run – many will reach almost 10m in height and produce an audible and mesmerising roar. Typical cones burn for between 20 and 40 seconds and tend to produce the same effect throughout their burn time. Combination fountains offer a longer duration and frequently cycle through a range of colours and effects as they consist of several indivudual tubes which are delay fused to run one after another from a single ignition. Whilst they rarely attain the same height and power as conic fountains, they are always a hit with an audience due to their variety and long burn time.

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