Mines are very dramatic firework which eject an aerial payload in a single hit, providing a high impact hit in any display. Ideal for a moment of drama or to grab the attention of an audience, mines are big, bold and spectacular. Not as common as other firework types, we have gone to great lengths to source a wider range of quality mines than most other firework shops, and hope you enjoy trying some!

At the smaller end of the scale, fountain mines commence with a ground based fountain which can lull spectators into a false sense of security before ejecting a vivid eruption of aerial stars, crackles or other effects. For larger firework displays, we offer mortar mines – truly the most powerful single fireworks available for public use! Up to 100mm in diameter, once the fuse has functioned they erupt instantly to a great height, with a column of effects crowned by multiple bursts of aerial bombettes or reports. Large Category 3 mines must therefore be used with great care and carefully rigged and fired – definitely not suitable for gardens and smaller firing sites!

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