Everyone who loves fireworks loves rockets! A classic firework type, rockets need little introduction and are always popular with both enthusiasts and audiences alike. Reaching a greater height than other aerial consumer fireworks, rockets comprise of a motor which carries the payload high into the sky and a bursting charge which ejects the effect from the head of the rocket. Launched from a tube or a rack, rockets reach a height of up to 100m and at the larger end of the scale can provide the biggest single bursts of any consumer firework, with vast sky filling performance from larger models.

Smaller multipack rockets now utilise black powder bursts and are thus quieter than rockets of old, but still provide some novel and colourful effects as well as whistles and crackles, so should not be overlooked for a garden display. For a larger display, however, we offer pyromeshed rockets which are supplied in specially developed mesh cage packaging which renders them 1.4G and allows courier delivery and safe storage of the most powerful legal effects and high powder weights possible. All of the latter type demand a 25m safety distance and should be treated with respect as they are powerful fireworks. If you have the space, don’t miss out on our pyromeshed large rockets!

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