Roman Candles

One of the most traditional firework types, roman candles are aerial fireworks which fire multiple shots into the sky from a single, elongated tube. Due to the longer tube, shots from roman candles often reach a greater height than those from cakes, and are frequently offer the same effect repeated in each tube. They can also be rigged at a (sensible and safe) angle or in multiples, which, along with the height and effects, means roman candles can give your firework display a different creative dimension to a typical barrage. Don’t overlook roman candles!

Effects range from beautiful, slow rising and serene low noise comets with glitter tails, right through to hummers and majestic brocade willow bursts. Roman candles are available as pre-fusd bundles (roman candle barrages) which fire shots simultaneously from multiple fused tubes, as well as larger bore single tube candles that propel huge effects to high altitudes, one shot at a time.

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