From the traditional pin wheel or catherine wheel, through to large multi-driver display wheels, we have the lot! Requiring a little more set up time than other fireworks as they need to be nailed to a post, wheels are nonetheless worth the extra effort as they always bring a smile to the faces of any audience. Our personal favourite wheel and a product we are proud to stock, is the Premium Diamond Sun, a German made firework which although it looks physically small, produces an effect of a size and burn time you will barely believe!

Small wheels are ideal for a family garden display and are loved by children who marvel at the rapid spinning circle of fire. Larger wheels offer multiple colours and whistles, and should be mounted as high as possible in a display for best effect. To ensure wheels spin freely, add a touch of vaseline or WD40 to the nail, and try a very slight (2-3 degree) downward angle on the nail.

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