How can I order my fireworks?

You may order fireworks from us in a number of ways. Our entire range is available for online purchase 24 hours a day via our secure shopping cart, which accepts all major credit and debit cards (except American Express) and allows you to browse and purchase from the comfort of your desk. Alternatively you may call our hotline on 01524 581630 where our expert team can offer any advice or suggestions you require, and process your order immediately. Finally you may print your order, together with your payment details, and post or fax this to us. Full details are on our contact page.

What about delivery?

For orders of £100 and above, we deliver anywhere in Mainland UK using our specialist hazardous goods courier. Due to the cost of using a specialist explosives courier, we need to charge a nominal £15 delivery fee for all orders under £250. Delivery may take up to seven working days, so please order in plenty of time before your event. However, if you need your fireworks more quickly, please give us a call as we can usually arrange express delivery. You are also welcome to collect your fireworks from our showroom, which is open six days a week.

Is this site secure and safe?
Our shopping cart uses 128bit SSL encryption, which is the highest security level available in the e-commerce industry. In lay terms this means that all of your personal and payment details are securely scrambled whilst being sent to us, and cannot be decoded or intercepted until they reach our specialised software. We do not charge your card until the goods are packed and ready for dispatch, so there is no chance of you paying for items which are not available.

What is BS 7114 : Part 2 :1988?
This is the standard as prescribed by the British Standards Institute to which all fireworks supplied to the general public must conform. The standard requires for all fireworks to be quality tested before they are made available for sale, have adequate delay fuses and to display clear warnings and instructions on the labels. All fireworks offered for sale on astounded.com conform to both BS7114 and our own stringent quality, safety and performance requirements.

Where can I use fireworks?
You can use fireworks on any privately owned ground providing you have permission to do so. If you wish to carry out a display on public or common land you must have approval from your local council and if applicable the land owner.

Who should I notify?
As a matter of courtesy you should notify the local police, fire brigade, local residents and livestock owners of the location, the date and the time of your display. If your display is near the coast or an airport you should also inform the coast guard and airport authorities.

How should I set up my display?
All of our packs come with full instructions, plan layout and full details of equipment and materials requirements. Purchase your fireworks for delivery in good time for your display, this gives you time to familiarise yourself with the contents of your pack. Allow yourself plenty of time to set up your show on the day, don’t leave it until it is getting dark. Once the show is ready double check to make sure you have correctly secured all fireworks. In case of wet weather we recommend protecting your fireworks by wrapping them with plastic sheeting or bin liners. This can easily be removed prior to firing the item, and will ensure the fuses remain dry and ready to light.

What are the different fireworks categories ?
There are four main categories as classified by BS 7114 : 2 : 1988.
Category 1: Indoor Fireworks – these include party poppers, table bombs etc.

Category 2: Garden Fireworks – these have a minimum safe viewing distance of 5 metres, and are designed to be safely used in most family gardens. Includes such traditional favourites as small fountains, garden rockets, roman candles etc.

Category 3: Display Fireworks – the largest fireworks on general sale to members of the public. These fireworks must be operated at least 25 metres from spectators, buildings and other hazards, although we would always recommend a greater distance if possible, and this may actually improve your viewing of larger pieces.

Category 4: – partially assembled and specialist devices for professional use only. These items must not be sold to or used by the general public. Category 4 fireworks are not sold on fireworkfactory.com

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